Wardens – Lewis Lane

Amazing … a year has flown by … it was this time last year we were looking forward to our new Rabbi arriving and now here we are again, one year older and one year stronger.

The year has been a good one, Rabbi Zvi was welcomed into our community together with his wife Orly and their lovely children.   Our services are warm and inclusive, we pride ourselves on being known as the welcoming Shul, and plan to continue to work hard to make sure more and more people hear about us.


What do we offer, apart from friendliness? Well read on:

  • Pre Shacharit Parsha Shiur on Saturday mornings.   Very interesting and well attended, worth turning up a few minutes early for.
  • Sweets for the children from the Bimah after reciting the Shema … worth coming along for!
  • Explanatory service. A chance for the Rabbi to spend some time explaining the service as he goes along.   Worth coming along for, watch this space to see when the next one will be.
  • The Shabbat Zest.
  • We announce the Haftarah reader in advance.
  • Lads n’ dads Shacharit breakfasts.
  • Children service continues once a month.
  • Rosh Chodesh Sponsored Kiddush has been a great success.
  • Monthly Shiurim.

We always like the opportunity to improve and we would welcome you to come along anytime with your new ideas and your new input, it is always great to see you at Shul.

My thanks as always goes out to all of the Wardens who work so hard to ensure everything happens smoothly and who help to make Loughton the ‘friendly synagogue’.   Thanks … Dennis Posner; Peter Leach: Gary Lewis; Daniel Kempner; Lesley Adams, Allan Kurt plus a mention to Michael Newman for his valuable assistance when needed.