It happened on a Tuesday – An Unexpected Cruise – Roz Martin

It happened on Tuesday well my family always said it was a mazeldic day so I guess they were right.

Well let’s start from the beginning. I had been to Israel in July of 1963. My friends begged me to come and live there as it was a great life. I returned to Tel Aviv after the Chagim in October, and got a job at the salon in the Hilton as a hairdresser. I had a client who used to come in 3/4 times a week, her name was Annetta.

She was extremely wealthy so that Tuesday when she came to the salon and told me she was going on a world cruise I was not surprised.

Being the cheeky young girl that I was I said in a joke “you can take me with you as excess baggage if you wish!  Her answer astounded me, she said her husband was going as the Purser of the ship and if I wanted to come with I could share a cabin with the Nanny the 3 children had an adjoining cabin. I would have free range over the ship, would be able to socialise with the passengers and get paid!!!!!!!  All I had to do was her s and the children’s hair, and help her dress every. Night. Well who could refuse such? An offer?  I packed up then and there and had 3 days to try and get all the visas necessary. Didn’t manage all but was able to leave. The ship as crew and re-enter as passenger, Sounded. Good to. Me.

I packed my trunk. We travelled with them in those days, said adieu to my friends on the Sunday I boarded the ship.

I felt I was on a Hollywood film set, The ship was the Shalom a luxury liner built by Israel, it was so swanky to me I had not come from a well to do background though I had worked for Vidal Sasoon in Bond street, and Vogue Magazine as a make-up and hairdresser and mixed with Celebs, titled ladies, rock stars and trash with cash!

The things that shocked me on the ship was that every night apart from the first and last was formal. I had never seen so many tiaras and jewels in one place.


SS Shalom

Sailing was amazing one got blasé about Acapulco again many cruises were repeated.

Sometimes I would give a hand in the salon on Captains reception nights if they were very busy.
Was I bored? are you kidding!

We finally reached Los Angeles and Annetta was going into a clinic. To have everything tweaked! They told me we would be 4/5 months in L A and put up with their cousins who lived in the San Fernando Valley. They were so great to me they gave me a Ford Mustang convertible to drive helped me pass a test in California, they even tried to fix.  Me. Up with a shiduch.

After we re-boarded the ship the crew which was all Israeli changed to mostly Americans.

We had already cruised the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand but not Australia, we went on safaris in Africa toured Europe and the Far East then returned to Israel. Not a bad trip for a 20 year old!

Just before we arrived in Israel I was given the choice of staying on for a EUROPEAN CRUISE I had been aboard ship 15 months the cruise was ending in Marseille that was great for me. As I wanted to see my cousin who lives there.  I had a great time on the ship and will always be grateful for the opportunity. Alas they have all passed on now so we are no longer in contact.

As for Marseilles I stayed 3 months I enrolled at the Cordon Blur cookery school and learned to speak French.
Even though I had an extraordinary experience I was pleased to settle down and learn how to live a Real Life. Happy New Year to you all.