Shabbat Service

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Our Shabbat services are traditional. They are usually led by the Rabbi, with backing by members of our congregation. At Loughton Synagogue the language you use or the pace you set for yourself are not of paramount importance. Our prayer books are written in both Hebrew and English, and the page numbers are announced so you may always catch up if you prefer to meditate at a slower speed. Mentors are available during our services to assist you as required.
Our tunes are traditional.

D’var Torah / Sermon
Each week, Rabbi Zvi Portnoy enlightens us upon the meaning of the Torah section of the week as they relate to our daily lives.

Shabbat 25 January we are holding an Explanatory Minyan, for those looking for more depth and meaning in davening.


Loughton Cholent

Please join us for our weekly Kiddush immediately following the service.
Our Kiddush is an opportunity to share the news of the week in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy the warmth and companionship of our friends in our community.

The Ladies’ Guild prepare exquisite and renowned kiddushim for special celebrations including Bar Mitzvahs and Auf Rufs etc. of which the community is extremely proud.

Every Rosh Chodesh we have a Cholent Kiddush sponsored by a member of the community.