Serendipity or What? The Bar Mitzvah Crashers – Sharon Young

In 1986 Andrew Young proposed to me. It wasn’t so much a proposal. In fact he said ‘hypothetically if we were to get married where did you have in mind and when did you have in mind?’

Interestingly, since I haven’t changed much since those days I had already planned to the wedding and the guest list and chosen a dress! Had I waited for Andrew I would no doubt have been a spinster at 45.

This proposal actually took place in Majorca on the terrace of a stunning hotel overlooking Palma. We married a few months later. Every now and then if we visit Majorca we become nostalgic and go back to that terrace at the Son Vida hotel. This year we decided to go late in the day on Wednesday afternoon. Something was not quite right at the hotel which is normally a haven of peace and tranquillity. The hotel was full of about 80 Jewish people, who all seemed to know each other and were having a great time by the pool. Complete generations all together. We were perplexed. A lovely lady stopped us to ask if we were the relatives from Leeds! No, we explained we just decided to pop back to the hotel where Andrew proposed. And of course we decided to do that at the exact moment that this wonderful family had congregated to celebrate a bar mitzvah the next day! So naturally we attended the service.

majorca-Shul Palma

Palma Shul – Majorca

The shul in Palma is really lovely, but to be able to attend the service packed with people and celebrate with the family was absolutely wonderful. It was a short service just morning prayers and part of the Torah reading, but there were sweets and dancing and joy and love. I cannot tell you how privileged I felt to be part of the service. This really was a chance meeting at a chance moment with a group of people we had never met. Serendipity. Yet, once again, the Son Vida provided us with a magical memory which I wanted to share with you.