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Unfortunately in these troubled times security deserves its own page on the website. Why, because we all have a duty of care to both our own kehilla and that of the wider community.



Security covers two areas of responsibility:

1.    Protecting the wider community – No, we are not asking you all to become members of the CST, not that that would be a bad thing, instead we all have a duty to make the authorities aware of ANY incident that can be construed as anti-semitic.

So what should you do if you see or experience an incident:

a.    Notify the Police – Remember racial attacks are an offence and the Police will take action.  The CST classifies as an anti-semitic incident any malicious act aimed at Jewish people, organisations or property, where there is evidence that the incident has anti-semitic motivation or content, or that the victim was targeted because they are (or are believed to be) Jewish.

b.    Notify the Shul Office – We need to know what is happening in our area, one day’s verbal attack could be tomorrow’s physical attack. No matter how small the incident please notify us.

Telephone: 020 8508 0303

c.    Notify the CST, they have third-party reporting status. This means that if you are the victim of an anti-semitic incident and you are unable or unwilling to report the incident directly to the Police yourself, we are able to do so on your behalf. Any information given will be treated in strictest confidence.

Then call CST LONDON
07659 101 668 – 24 hour Emergency Pager
You should contact the local Police in the area where the crime has occurred and then call CST London (Head Office)
020 8457 9999


2.    Protecting our Kehilla – Yes we are asking for your help. Every week we provide security for Shabbat services and the Festivals.  We are constantly in need of volunteers who will make themselves available for a session during the service. On a Friday night this take approximately an hour and on a Shabbat approximately three hours.

Our team leaders are:

Team A Stewart Palmer March + September

Team B Jeff Pelta April + October

Team C Clive Green May + November

Team D Adam Waldman June + December


Fri 13 Dec Gary Irwin/Michael Herst – Shabbat 14th Dec Irving Austin/Richard Pearlman

Fri 20 Dec Anthony Berg/Ian Mudge – Shabbat 21 Dec David Green/Mark Kass

Fri 27 Dec Adam Waldman/Laurence Davis  –   Shabbat 28th Dec Danny Prever/Elliot Chevin


Team E Dougie Adams July + January

Fri 3th Jan Steven Gee/Doug Adam    –  Shabbat 4th Jan Ian Levene/Ralph Lasky

Fri 10th Jan Mark Bossick/Craig Tiller- Shabbat 11th Jan Steph & Warren Mullish

Fri 17th Jan Gary Roll/Lewis Jacobs – Shabbat 18th Jan Gary Lewis/Ivan Kovler

Fri 24th Jan Simon Shaffer/Richard Cohen-Shabbat 25th Jan Elliot Singer/Gary Grant

Fri 31st Jan Doug Adam/Brett Adams

Team F Dan Laderman August + February

If you are not currently on the rota, don’t be shy, contact the Shul office to volunteer.

David Galman & Vincent Goodman are committed to ensuring the security of the community so if you have any issues you want to discuss come and see us at Shul, or contact us via the Shul office.