What I Like About Living in Loughton  – Barbara Cohen

How pretty it is and how very green! We have lovely streets to stroll down with a vast array of houses of different architecture with beautiful gardens. It’s a bit hilly but good for exercise!

A decent high street, not wonderful but with enough variety to keep you interested. Lots of coffee shops, now pavement tables and chairs.

A beautiful forest to walk through where the branches keep you dry when raining and give shade when hot. Ponds, streams, horses, dogs, rabbits and deer are often present. A reservoir to walk around with a path and an outdoor gym.

Underground to London, a fabulous library, swimming pool, gyms, banks with helpful and friendly staff, supermarkets, shoe repairers, dry cleaners. An easy drive to Stansted Airport. Car parking is easy and cheap. Good schools, Good Jewish schools.

But most of all we have a great warm Shul with a lovely warm congregation and the most delightful Rabbi and Rebbetzin ever! Of course it would be lovely to have a kosher butcher, a kosher baker and a good kosher restaurant that we could frequent but we can certainly drive to these.

It’s clean and safe. Is it exciting, no, but it’s home! I say it’s not where you live but who you live with that’s really important.

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