Keeping Your Local Jewish Community Safe  – Vincent Goodman


David Galman and I, Vincent Goodman, are the Security Officers at Loughton synagogue, also known as GoodGal Security Services. Specialists in Heimesche Religious Protection.

Every September the HIGH HOLY DAY ELITE PROTECTION SQUAD vigilantly stand outside to ensure your safety. They take their roles very seriously, so I should probably name them; They are, in order of size; Harvey Berg, Ricky Davis, Ian Levene, Simeon Herbert, and the hugely intimidating yet mostly jovial and lately substantially reduced figure of Mark Kass.

Our regular weekly security rota is administered by our hard working team leaders (not necessarily in order of size…), Stewart Palmer, Dougie Adams, Leanne Waldman, Clive Green and our newest recruit Stephen Goldstone. Stephen was unceremoniously press-ganged into the role, but as he put up such little resistance, we took full advantage of his generosity.

A big thank you to all of the Shul members on the weekly security rota who give up their time to help with keeping you safe.

The more members we have on the rota, the fewer hours will be required of you. Your allocated team leader asks you to provide cover on either a Friday evening or a Saturday morning for a couple of hours, twice a year, it’s not a huge commitment from you, but it’s vitally important that you are there.

If you are not currently allocated to a team, you are a man or a woman and between the ages of 18 and… shall we say 75? (There’s a few of you breathing sighs of relief!) and you are able and willing to assist, please come forward – our contact details are on the notice board in the foyer. Either way, I’m confident that David “Sniffer” Galman and Vincent “The Bounty Hunter” Goodman will track you down eventually!

We are pleased to report that the security of Loughton Synagogue is generally running smoothly, and together with your help and co-operation we will continue to improve our service to you. There are a number of no-shows which can be very frustrating, but the only other option would be to employ outside security services, which would be costly. And to be frank, I don’t think they would care, like we care…

If you happen to witness anything suspicious in the vicinity of the synagogue, or are a victim of verbal or physical abuse whilst making your way to or from the Shul, please report it as soon as possible to the police, who take these types of incident seriously. If you are in a situation where you have to call the police, it’s important to remember to state that you are “calling from a Jewish location”. Also please contact us, as we forward your information to the CST who investigate each case thoroughly.

Your call may give vital information relating to previous attacks or indeed may help to prevent future attacks on other synagogues in the area. The CST, who exist to ensure that the Jewish community are guarded against terrorism and anti-Semitism, have an expansive file on these types of incidents, so your co-operation would be extremely useful to them.