If you would like to join Loughton Synagogue, we offer a new joiners incentive:

Single joiners:                    Married couples:                   Newly Weds:                     Wohl IJPS:

1st year: £100                    1st year: £200                      £100                                  £250 per year of a child in attendance

2nd year: £175                   2nd year: £325                     £250

3rd year: £225                    3rd year: £450                     £400

Full rate will then apply

Click here if you wish to apply for Loughton Synagogue Membership.

Before we can complete you application, please fill in the attached form and email it to admin@loughtonsynagogue.com together with a copy or photograph of your/your parents’ Ketuba for the Rabbi to see. If you are joining as an individual member, we will also need a copy of your birth certificate.

Once Rabbi Portnoy has approved your application and verified your/your parents’ Ketuba is Halachic (of Orthodox merit) you will be notified your acceptance and provide you with your Membership Statement. This statement is for your Shul membership alone and not for Burial. Should you wish to also join the Federation Burial Society or need to transfer membership, please contact the Shul office to discuss. Should you wish to be buried under the United auspice, again, please contact the Shul office to discuss.