The Induction of Rabbi Zvi Portnoy by Dayan Lichtenstein – 16th February 2014


A Father’s Blessing:-

Chazan Avromi Freilich sings Ma Tovu on the occasion of the Induction of Rabbi Zvi Portnoy 16th February 2014:

Welcome by Phillip Leigh

Chazan Avromi Freilich sings Ein Komocho

Avinu Shebashemayim – Chazan Freilich

Odecha – Chazan Freilich

Rabbi Zvi Portnoy – Response to Induction Address

Part 1

Part 2

Andrew Cohen – Federation of Synagogues

Ein Keloheinu – Chazan Avromi Freilich

Acceptance by Rabbi Zvi Portnoy

Melech Hakavod

Etz Chaim

Adon Olam – Chazan Freilich


Our lady’s guild provided, as always, a fantastic kiddush for our guests.

kiddish display 1

kiddish display 4