CST and our Jewish Life  – Vincent Goodman

CST is the Community Security Trust, a charity that provides security for Jewish communities throughout Britain. CST is also there, 24-hours a day, for those of us who are unfortunate enough to suffer, or witness, anti-Semitism.

We want our communities to lead their Jewish lives with safety and confidence, and invite you to join us.

CST draws upon a proud tradition of British Jewish self-defence, in which British Jews come together to play their part in defending their community. Before and after World War Two, the threats came from far right sources. Today, those threats remain, but they have been joined by more modern forces, including jihadist terrorism, such as that by Al-Qaeda and others.

It is CST’s job to ensure that British Jews are protected from these hatreds and extremisms, but this requires a real partnership between CST, local communities and synagogues, and the Police.


We are extremely fortunate that this partnership is in place and our local representatives and the community have long worked closely together.

It is teamwork and we want everyone to be in the partnership. Please contact our local CST representative and ask what part you can play in supporting our local security teams.

We need to share responsibility, together. This means understanding why we do security and cooperating with our local teams. CST can only be as strong as the communities we serve.

Please play your part by:

  • Reporting information to us.
  • Joining our local teams.
  • Helping to fund our work.


Sharing responsibility also means keeping a healthy sense of perspective. Physical and political threats do exist, but that should not stop any of us from appreciating and celebrating the overall excellence of Jewish life in Britain today.

We thank you all for playing your part.

Report anti-Semitism & suspicious activity.

CST is a charity that protects British Jews from anti-Semitism and related threats.

Please report any anti-Semitic or suspicious activity to the Police and CST.

London (Head Office) 020 8457 9999

Emergency 24-hour number 07659 101 668

Manchester (Northern Regional Office) 0161 792 6666

Emergency 24-hour number 0800 980 0668CST_UK Community Security Trust


Community Security Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1042391) and Scotland (SC042391).