Bar/Bat Mitzvah education
Rabbi Portnoy offers Bar Mitzvah lessons, ensuring that all Bar Mitzvah boys are able to read from the Torah, give their shul speech and thoroughly enjoy the special day. Most importantly Rabbi Portnoy ensures that the Bar Mitzvah boy is knowledgeable of his Judaism and worthy of celebrating the special day.
Rebbetzen Orly teaches the Bat Mitzvah girls, preparing them for their Bat Mitzvah ceremony – taking them (and mum too!) on an educational journey on the beauty of Jewish femininity, Rebbetzen Orly gives them all the tools they need as the Bat Mitzvah girl becomes a Jewish woman.

Mazel tov for next year 2014

Shabbat 24th May – Batmitzvah Scarlet Citreon

Shabbat 21th June – Barmitzvah Jacob Bennet

Shabbat 28th June- Barmitzvah Reece Roth -( Mazel tov to Grandparents Mr & Mrs Geoff Curtis)

Shabbat 2 August – Barmitzvah Harry Scott

Shabbat 22 November – Barmitzvah Jordan Marcelis

Shabbat 29 November – Barmitzvah Lewis Shine


Shabbat 29 August – Barmitzvah Taylor Michaels